mega-jackpot-congo ball

How to play Mega Jackpot?


1. Navigate to the Lotteries page and click on "Play Mega Jackpot" or click on "Play Mega Jackpot" at the bottom of this page.

2. Pick 5 numbers within the 1 to 50 range and 2 extra numbers within the 1 to 12 range by clicking on the empty balls. Click on "Quick pick” if you want to select random numbers for your ticket.

3. You can pick another set of numbers by clicking on "add more lines".  

4. Choose the number of draws. With a single ticket you will participate only in the next draw but you can choose any number of draws that you would like to participate in from the dropbox. See the winnings table below:

5. Click on "Buy ticket” button. That’s it!

You can check your ticket and its status anytime by navigating to "My tickets”.


Play Mega Jackpot